You have the capital needed to connect you to the opportunities   you seek.  Don't believe us? Your ideas,  vision, skills,  and framework are specifically you. With the right strategy and tools you can capture your target market while increasing other professional opportunities as well. 

What makes us unique?

We only work with Career professionals, Bloggers, College Students, and Boutique Businesses ( 8 employees or less), all of  whom tend to operate under the management and vision of 1 to 3 people. Business professionals, and even the  smallest of small businesses, have specific branding and growth needs. This is exactly what we specialize in. 

Are you a business professional seeking to craft your brand to be more in-line with your target market? Re-branding yourself  to make a career move?  Brand-crafted Career Services can give you the look you want with the strategy you need to maximize your brand and your opportunities. 

Perhaps  you are a small business owner, blogger, consultant, or  someone making that exciting  transition from "This is my Hobby" to  "This is my Business." Crafting a powerful brand  and leveraging your existing network to maximize your reach are fundamental to your growth. Our Brand-crafted Business Services help you do this while minimizing financial costs as we maximize your reach. 



T H E  B R A N D E D  T E A C H E R

With a background in corporate brand strategy and rhetoric, our Principal & Communication Strategist fell in love with language and its persuasive power early.

She has seen that opportunities can be created or ended with the simplest phrase. With her passion for effective communication and education she brings not only experience, but fortitude to the table when connecting clients to outcome goals through effective communication environments and strategies. 

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Click on "Career Curriculum" If You are a Professor or Administrator in Higher Education who is interested in Career Driven Curriculum tools that allow the mastering of both CONTENT and skills for the current job market. Professor James is also the Director for the Center for Legal Pedagogy. Instructional strategy and design are her specialty.